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Kayne’s Revenge

Kayne’s Revenge-Book Two in The Apocalypse Series

Anticipated release is late in May of 2024!

Mockup image of Kayne's Revenge

Wewelsburg Castle, Bavaria, Sept 1933. The Nazi elite unleash an ancient force upon the world – one of the infamous thirty pieces of silver, said to be infused with malevolent power.

Decades later, former Congressman Daniel Hamilton will stop at nothing to preserve his media empire and regain political power through possession of the coin. Manipulating his sons, Kayne and Aaron, Hamilton is determined to rewrite history.

Recruited by The Order, a clandestine organization, rare coin dealer Brad Stockman has been tasked with tracking and retrieving the relic and making life and death decisions. With the countdown on, Brad and his fledgling team must end Hamilton’s power play and retrieve the relic before it can be used as it was in WWII, in this battle of good versus evil.

It’s the beginning of a worldwide conspiracy that will rock the globe.

Brad’s journey began with learning of the evil relics in The Judas Legacy. It wages on in Kayne’s Revenge where he discovers not all is as it seems with The Order. In the finale, The Prodigal Son, revelations will expose Brad and his family to a dark world of secrets better left buried.