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Kayne’s Revenge

Kayne’s Revenge-Book Two in The Apocalypse Series

May 29/2024

Mockup image of Kayne's Revenge

Wewelsburg Castle, Bavaria, Sept 1933. The Nazi elite unleash an ancient force upon the world – one of the infamous thirty pieces of silver, said to be infused with malevolent power.

Decades later, former Congressman Daniel Hamilton will stop at nothing to preserve his media empire and regain political power through possession of the coin. Manipulating his sons, Kayne and Aaron, Hamilton is determined to rewrite history.

Recruited by The Order, a clandestine organization, rare coin dealer Brad Stockman has been tasked with tracking and retrieving the relic and making life and death decisions. With the countdown on, Brad and his fledgling team must end Hamilton’s power play and retrieve the relic before it can be used as it was in WWII, in this battle of good versus evil.

It’s the beginning of a worldwide conspiracy that will rock the globe.

Brad’s journey began with learning of the evil relics in The Judas Legacy. It wages on in Kayne’s Revenge where he discovers not all is as it seems with The Order. In the finale, The Prodigal Son, revelations will expose Brad and his family to a dark world of secrets better left buried.

Kudos for Kayne’s Revenge

“I read this one directly after reading the first so that everything would still be fresh for me. This one still follows along the same story path and with what happened next with the silver pieces. Edge of your seat suspense, great characters, twists and turns along the way.

Now I need to wait it out for the final book to see what’s going to happen next and how it ends!!”

Goodreads review

“I was invited to read an ARC of this by by W. M. Leesman, as I also read the first novel in this series. This book continues the theme of how greed and the lust for power can lead people to do anything to get what they want, no matter the cost. There are at least two pieces of the original 30 pieces of silver returned to the High Priest from Judas when he betrayed Christ, believed to be missing and in the hands of very powerful people.

As the silver coins hold some mystical power, the main character of this novel, Kayne Hamilton, is being manipulated by his ‘father, Daniel Hamilton, who happens to have one of the missing coins in his possession. As a media mogul and Nazi sympathizer, Daniel is going to be paramount in trying to manipulate a new world order through political means, and will start a worldwide conspiracy that will rock the foundations of many countries. In doing so, Daniel is trying to pit his younger son Kayne against his older son Aaron to start this and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

The Order, who are trying to find all these pieces of silver, are the safe keepers of the coins to protect them from falling into the wrong hands. However, as the newest members of The Order are searching for the remaining coins, there seems to be a possibility of a mole somewhere in the ranks. Too many things are going wrong, who should or should not be trusted.

So many realistic characters, all involved in some way with these coins, take the reader along many different paths, all leading to a surprising outcome, that leaves you thinking ‘this can’t be the end of the book!’. Excellent read, one you will not be able to put down and will keep you involved until the very end. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.”

Goodreads review

**Book Review: Kayne’s Revenge by William Leesman**

“This is book 2 in this series!

In Kayne’s Revenge, the story revolves around —one of the darn infamous thirty pieces of silver (from book 1) which is charged with extremely dangerous power. Former Congressman Daniel Hamilton seeks possession of this relic to regain political power and preserve his media empire. Rare coin dealer Brad Stockman, recruited by The Order, must track and retrieve the coin.

Leesman’s masterful plot twists and well-developed characters keep readers engaged from start to finish. The novel seamlessly combines fast-paced action with profound themes of justice and redemption, making it a compelling read for fans of suspenseful, and heart-pounding stories . Overall, this book was captivating and a page-turner and helps demonstrate Leesman’s exceptional storytelling talent.

Excited for his next one!”

Goodreads review