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The Judas Legacy

The Judas  Legacy on a coffee table
The Judas Legacy, now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback (released Apr 2023)

Get your copy of the Judas Legacy! Book one in The Apocalypse Series.
…a twisting plot with big villains, modest heroes, and a mythical new take on historical events.

The Judas Legacy

Kindle and Paperback

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30 pieces of silver were cursed 2000 years ago. What happens when you bring them all together?

Masada AD 73. With the Roman X Legion poised to attack, defenders of the ancient fortress sacrifice themselves to protect the target of the Roman General-30 silver coins rumored to be infused with a malevolent power.

Two millennia later. Thaddeus Robinson has discovered the ancient relics. Using bribery and murder, Robinson is gathering the coins from their protective custodians to build his global empire. A museum curator who intercepts the delivery of the latest coin interrupts his plan. Robinson’s bodyguard kidnaps the daughter of the curator, demanding the coin in return for the girl’s life.

Now, the mother must rely on rare coin dealer Brad Stockman and a small group of unlikely heroes to help get her daughter back and keep the coin away from Robinson.

Standing in their way is The Order, a clandestine organization sworn to keep the coins hidden.

Who will get to the coins first and can Brad and his team save the girl?

The stakes are higher than ever, and the outcome is anything but certain in this twisted opening of The Apocalypse Series-The Judas Legacy.

Kudos for The Judas Legacy

Leesman’s writing style is engaging and fast-paced, which kept me hooked from the very first page.
The plot is intricately woven, with unexpected twists and turns that keep the story fresh and unpredictable. The inclusion of Roman-era relics added a touch of mysticism and historical intrigue for me, and I feel elevated the novel beyond a typical thriller.

“The Judas Legacy” left me eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Amazon reader review excerpt

I enjoyed this book very much…the characters are well-developed, with appropriate backstory and a sense of personality that pulls you in – you want to know more about them. The author releases details about them in a slow and deliberate manner that keeps you going. The story is an interesting take on an old tale, with just enough mystery, and a supernatural aura that holds on tight. In its slow-paced unfolding, the story weaves a nice web of connection, and ends up pulling it all in tight at the end. A gentle hook gives you the opening to sequels on the horizon.

Amazon reader

If you enjoy the writing of Dan Brown with a Canadian twist,
this is the series you will want to follow.

Following the different plot threads and waiting to see how they ultimately wound together,
made for a thrilling story. Can’t wait for the next book to be released.

Amazon Customer

I really enjoyed this action – packed read. The writing flows quickly and engages the reader.

The action revolves around the 30 coins of silver that Judas was paid for betraying Christ. Various factions want the coins for power while an ancient group tries to ensure the coins do not get into the wrong hands. Motivations of individuals are not clear which added to the suspense.

Would make a great action movie.


Mr. Leesman has taken a page from the Bible and turned it into a thrilling, action-filled story. Many men over the centuries have attempted to collect all 30 pieces of silver that Judas was paid to betray Christ, as the complete collection may grant the holder unprecedented power. None have come closer than a Canadian industrialist and his assistant, who seems to have his own agenda. A very interesting take on an age-old story.

Joe J

When I’m enjoying a book, everything around me fades away and I am in that place with the characters. Right now I’m at the… and all hell has broken loose, so I’m anxious to find out if I/we all get out alive. The funny part is I have a lot of sympathy for Enzo as well.

SC in Or

“You have definitely put some twists in it that I didn’t expect.
Good work, I definitely will buy and read the next book.”

MS in Tx

“Awesome ending!!!! Did not expect that!”

BR in Ab

“There are a lot of characters to get to know at the start, once I got into it, it was a good read, interested to find out how it would end. I enjoyed reading it.”

MH in On

Where it started…