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The Prodigal Son

Book Three in The Apocalypse Series

Check back soon ~

We’re in editing mode. The first draft is complete and the anticipated release is summer of 2024!

an image of The Judas Legacy (novel), Kayne's Revenge (proof copy) and The Prodigal Son (first draft).

The Apocalypse Series
by WM Leesman

For fans of Sigma Force, Indiana Jones, and Robert Langdon!

Brad’s journey began with learning of the evil relics in The Judas Legacy. It wages on in Kayne’s Revenge where he discovers not all is as it seems with The Order.

In the finale, The Prodigal Son, revelations will expose Brad and his family to a dark world of secrets better left buried.

“If you enjoy the writing of Dan Brown with a Canadian twist, this is the series you will want to follow.”
Amazon review