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A cyborg thinks about something. Question asks how should I feel about AI as a writer.

How Should I Feel About AI?

Full disclosure – I grew up a full throttle sci fan, watching Star Trek before it became fashionable, Star Wars when it first came out and every other dystopian adventure on the large and small screens, so that leaves me to ponder…how should I feel about AI.

Of course, that included the Terminator and Robocop movies with their tech gone bad stories of warning.

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Human history is rife with events driven by betrayal. Whether it is a partner who cheats, a ‘trusted’ advisor who stabs you in the back or anyone else who deliberately acts in a way to harm you, everyone guards against this heinous behavior.

In fact, just the mention of certain names will evoke a visceral feeling of repulsion because betrayal is one of the most despicable acts. Some of the most famous betrayers are:

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