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Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve. When I was a kid, this was a magical day. More magical at times than Christmas day itself. The anticipation. The gathering of family would begin. A meal shared with friends and family.

Since the kids were born, first it was Chinese food, then fondue. But it was also the night we got to open a present. Never a great one. Usually, pyjamas or sometimes a book. It never mattered.

Things change. With less money available, presents are not just lessened. Sometimes they’re non-existent. This year like in hard times in the past, Jacki and I did not exchange gifts. I could care less about me, but it is hard not to give a gift to the ones you love.

This year was the hardest since Dad died. The pandemic hit home in ways I cannot describe. But we will share homemade Chinese food and play games and be together.